Organic Parsnip - 500gr

  • Native to Eurasia, Parsnip has been used as a vegetable since Antiquity. Cultivated by Romans, Parsnip, closely related to carrots, was even confused with them in the literature of that time. Before the arrival in Europe of the sugar cane, it was used as a sweetener. The parsnip is usually cooked, but it can also be eaten raw. They resemble carrots and can be used in similar ways, but they have a sweeter taste, especially when cooked. They will give a rich flavour to stews, soup and casseroles. 

    Parsnip provides high content of vitamin K, A and C, essentials elements for blood circulation and cells division period (like during infancy and pregnancy). These vitamins also enhance immune system and strengthen vision. Parsnip also contains good levels of magnesium and phosphorus, known to improve bone health and helps muscles contract, including the heart. Last but not least, it is rich in dietary fibers, easing transit and good against  inflammation of the colon.

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  • Description : Parsnip
    Origin : France
    Certification : Euro Organic
    Size : A La Carte
    Min. Weight : 0.5 KG
    Est. # of Fruits :
    Est. # of Unique Fruits 1
    * # of fruits is only an estimation that may change from time to time. On the other hand, we make sure that minimum weight is respected.

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