Mid-Autumn Eco-Gift Basket - 中秋節環保禮物藍(L - 4 KG)

  • ECO-FRIENDLY / 環保的

    Your Mid-Autumn Eco-Gift Basket is handmade and reusable for any occasion. Made of wicker, it avoids plastics and introduces natural and biodegradable packaging to compartment and carefully wrap your fresh premium fruits.

    您的中秋環保禮品籃是手工製作的,可在任何場合重複使用。 它由柳條製成,避免使用塑料,並將天然和可生物降解的包裝引入隔間,並仔細包裹您的新鮮優質水果。

    TASTY & HEALTHY / 美味又健康

    Only composed with fresh tasty fruits, your Mid-Autumn Eco-Gift Basket displays a range of Euro Organic Certified fruits from Europe as well as a Médoc Cru Bourgeois wine bottle.
    It is the perfect Eco-friendly Gift basket to show your appreciation and care to your beloved or the ones you wish to treat.

    您的中秋生態禮品籃僅由新鮮美味的水果組成,展示了一系列來自歐洲的經過認證的有機水果以及一瓶梅多克克魯布爾喬亞葡萄酒 它是完美的環保禮品籃,可以表達您對您心愛的人或您想請客的人的感激和關懷。


    • Charentais Melon from Cavaillon, France /  哈密瓜(又稱羅馬甜瓜), 原產地 : 法國卡瓦永
    • Golden Reine Claude Plum from The Landes, France / Reine-Claude金李子, 原產地 : 法國朗德省
    • Black Magic Grape from Sicily, Italy  / 魔法黑葡萄, 原產地 : 意大利西西里
    • Star Ruby Grapefruit from Spain / 深紅色西柚, 原產地 : 西班牙
    • Guyot Pear from France / Guyot甜梨, 原產地 : 法國
    • Juliet Apple from France  /  茱麗葉蘋果, 原產地 : 法國
    • Orange Oval Calabrese from Sicily, Italy Oval Calabrese橙, 原產地 : 意大利西西里 

    *Part of fruit may change due to the supply or seasonal change. 水果會因供應或季節而改變。

    • Médoc AOC, Cru Bourgeois, Château Côtes de Blaignan, 2016, 750ml
    • Complimentary Message Card / 免費留言卡
    • FREE Delivery to urban areas / 免費送貨到市區
    • Basket Dimensions: 46cm(L) x 36cm(W) x 13cm(H)
    • Est. 3Kg of Organics premium fruits - 5-7 varieties / 約3公斤優質水果 - 5至7款水果

    ABOUT THE WINE / 關於葡萄酒  -  Château Côtes de Blaignan, 2016

    There can only be praise for the consistent quality standards at Château Côtes de Blaignan, undoubtedly as a direct result of the Francisco family’s hard work since 1870.
    A full-bodied, fruity Médoc fine wine, garnet in colour, with its rounded character and subtle aromatic expression of red fruits, blackberries and vanilla notes, Château Côtes de Blaignan is an appealing wine. Smooth and fruity, the attack makes way on the palate for more powerful, welcoming volume, with elegant, rounded tannins. This well-balanced Médoc wine is the result of careful extraction and can be enjoyed over the next 2-3 years.

    毫無疑問,這是弗朗西斯科家族自 1870 年以來辛勤工作的直接結果。一款酒體豐滿、果味濃郁的梅多克優質葡萄酒,呈石榴紅色,具有圓潤的特性和微妙的紅色水果、黑莓和香草香氣,布萊尼昂城堡是一款極具吸引力的葡萄酒。 順滑和果味,入口在口感上讓路,帶來更強勁、更受歡迎的音量,以及優雅、圓潤的單寧。 這款均衡的梅多克葡萄酒是精心提取的結果,可以在接下來的 2-3 年內享用。

    ** WHAT'sIN Mid-Autumn Eco-Gift Baskets are only available in One-Off Purchase ** 


  • 名稱 / Description: 中秋節生態禮籃 / Mid-Autumn Eco-Gift Basket
    平均重量 / Avg. Weight: 約3公斤優質水果 / Approx. 3KG of fruits 
    大約款式數量 / Est. type of Fruits: 5至7款水果 / 5 – 7 different types of fruits
    Type of Wine: Château Côtes de Blaignan, 2016, Médoc AOC, France 750 ml

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review