Discounted: Demeter Biodynamic Goldrush Apple - 500gr

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  • 📣📣 To prevent food waste, we also propose on a ''First come, first served'' basis a limited selection of less visually attractive fruits and veggies. They are not aesthetically perfect but in good condition, 20% cheaper and tasty! 😋
  • Goldrush apple is a medium sized apple and ovate in shape. This apple has a green-yellow colored with an occasional bronze to red blush at time of harvest. However, if the apple has been in storage it has the potential to turn deep yellow. The Goldrush apple has a medium to coarse grained, firm, crisp, and pale yellow flesh that is slow to brown once sliced. The flavor of the Goldrush is complex, spicy, and maintains bright acidity at harvest.  

    Apples provide a fair amount of vitamins, contain a dietary fiber pectin (known to lower cholesterol levels and help to prevent heart attacks). They also contain boron, which helps to build strong bones. They can be stored up to 3 months in a refrigerator.
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  • Description : Goldrush Apple
    Origin : France
    Certification : Euro Organic
    Size : A La Carte
    Min. Weight : 0.5 KG
    Est. # of Fruits : 2-5
    Est. # of Unique Fruits 1
    * # of fruits is only an estimation that may change from time to time. On the other hand, we make sure that minimum weight is respected.

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