Williams Pear

Williams Pear

Origin: France

Description: pear is originated from China where it was grown already 6,000 years ago. However, the pear trees cultivated in China are not from the same species as those from Western Europe. The latter is believed to be come  from the Middle East and later spread to Mediterranean Europe during the Roman Empire. It arrived in France in the 16th Century and spread rapidly.

The Williams Pear is also known as the Bartlett pear or ‘’Bon Chrétien’’. Williams pears are bell shaped with thin green skin when unripe and yellow when fully ripen. Inside, they have pale white, juicy flesh. Its white flesh is fine and juicy and its perfume is slightly musky.

Nutrition: Williams pears, are an excellent, healthy part of the diet. They contain fiber, which helps the digestive system work smoothly and may help lower cholesterol levels. They also contain calcium, iron, protein, antioxidants and vitamin C.

How to use: Williams pears can be eaten fresh or cooked. Cut in salads, baked in pies and tarts or candied in syrups, their unique perfume and texture are exceptional. Amateurs of crepes will discover a new world of pleasure by mixing William pears with melted chocolate for garnish.

How to store: Ripe Williams pears should be kept in a refrigerator crisper compartment to make them last about 7 days.