Queen Victoria pineapple

Queen Victoria Pineapple

Origin: Reunion Island, France

Description: Introduced in the French island of Reunion in 1668, the Queen Victoria pineapple is considered to be the best of its kind worldwide. Harvested throughout the year, the distinctive taste of its vibrant pulp is exceptional and unique. Its unique aroma and exceptional flavor make it used in recipes elaborated by some of Hong Kong most prestigious Chefs.

Nutrition: Excellent for digestion, the pineapple contains fiber and manganese, boosting the immune system and protecting against free radicals. Powerful remineralizing agent and rich in vitamin C, it also provides iron, calcium and magnesium.

How to use: To appreciate your Queen Victoria pineapple, the traditional way is to slice it. The more you wait, the sweeter it will be. When it reaches orange to pink coloring, it means your Queen Victoria is at its sugar climax!

This fragrant fruit is a refreshing dessert after meals. It also brings anexotic touch to classic desserts: tatin, crumble, sorbets, clafoutis, compote and fruit salads. Queen Victoria may also be used in smoothies and tropical cocktails (punch, arranged rum...).It may also be used with meat and fish in Creole and Asian cuisine.

How to store: In winter time in Hong Kong, Queen Victoria pineapple can easily be stored outside of your refrigerator for a week, in ambient temperature and not exposed to direct light. You can appreciate its coloring evolution and decide if you want to eat it crunchy (yellow) or sweet and juicy (orange to pink). In summer time, it is advised to place Queen Victoria pineapples in your refrigerator as Hong Kong high temperatures and humidity may affect its quality. At chilled temperature, you can usually keep it for 2 weeks.