And here we are... At last!

We are starting our Carbon Offset project in partnership with ClimatePartner, a certification organization that will certify us in offsetting our logistics monthly carbon emissions related to our business.


Scope of the certification: we will be offsetting carbon emissions generated by:

Our certification covers the areas mentionned below:

Climate Neutral Company incl. Logistics and Packaging

The project we will be investing in is about Myanmar Stoves Campaign. 

Myanmar has one of the fastest rates of deforestation in the world. As the forests disappear, the price of wood gets higher, driving more and more families into energy poverty. Rural families in Myanmar spend as much as 40% of their income – or the time equivalent – on purchasing or collecting firewood.

With new cookstoves, as the efficiency is better, this high amount of wood can be reduced by 50%, reducing both pressure on household expenditure on fuel and forests: saving the equivalent of 2.5 tons of wood per year and per stove.

Besides, indoor cooking on inefficient stoves is a silent killer. Air pollution from domestic cooking is responsible for the premature deaths of over 4 million people a year—more than HIV Aids and malaria combined. Air pollution is reduced by 80%, improving the health and safety of the whole community: The heat and smoke are retained in the central section of the stove, providing a much cleaner method of cooking than an open fire. Also, sparks do not escape the combustion chamber, greatly reducing the risk of a household fire. 

It is a milestone for us but also for Hong Kong as we will be the first to implement this in our industry in the city. We hope that it will inspire other market players and launch a new trend in the industry and beyond!

Your WHAT'sIN Team