WHAT'sIN Reunion Island

We believe that if you do good to the world, the world will give it back! And for the fruits, this is about the earth: our farmers take good care of the soil, and in return the earth takes care of our fruits. Under this concept, our surprise boxes are based on four pillars:

Best Taste: 

What makes our fruits and veg tasty? We select the best varieties from each region and by season. We then source from best farmers. We strive for fresh delivery, minimizing the harvest-to-delivery time to only a few days. With WHAT’sIN fruits and vegetables, we take pride in proposing unique taste and freshness. 

Safe and Healthy: 

All our farmers follow specific certifications minimizing the use of chemicals. From sustainable agriculture ‘’Agriculture Raisonnee’’ (AR) to Organic certified ‘’Agriculture Biologique’’ (AB), these guarantees that the fruits delivered to you a safe and healthy. On top of the tests done by our farmers, we also perform our own chemical test upon each arrival of the fruits.

Environmentally and Socially Responsible:

Our packaging is made from recycled and biodegradable materials for our carton box and we use kraft paper bags to pack our fruits instead of plastics. We only use (for the moment) plastics for the organic berries that we receive and that are very fragile to handle. We strive to reduce usage of plastics to minimize the impact on the planet. Moreover, we believe in the importance of companies contributing positively to the society. Thus, WHAT’sIN commits to donating fruits to FOOD-CO, a local Hong Kong project fighting against poverty and food waste. 


We deliver the products directly from the farmer to your doorstep, eliminating at least two intermediaries. Also, our concept of surprise box helps us to reduce waste. This enables us to offer safe premium fruits 30 to 40% cheaper than what is offered in the markets.

WHAT'sIN Why Choosing WHAT'sIN


WHAT’sIN was created in 2017 by two French Entrepreneurs living in Hong Kong for years and both passionate about healthy and tasty food.

They started working with some of the best local hotels and restaurants (Peninsula, Intercontinental, Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Mira, etc.), providing premium fruits. Their distribution then expanded to some membership clubs and high-end supermarkets.

WHAT'sIN Pineapple WHAT'sIN Lime

It’s was during one of the promotional events in supermarkets that the idea of WHAT’sIN emerged. They realized that while there is a high demand for quality fruits, the fruits available in Hong Kong are overpriced. On top of that, most of the fruits are loaded with chemicals and over packaged. WHAT’sIN was born to change this situation!

By proposing a surprise fruit box, we are able to serve our customers the best produce available: seasonal, farm fresh, with minimum waste.