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4 Weeks Baby Organics x BEABA Babycook® NEO

  • WHAT’sIN is teaming up with BEABA to offer easy homemade meals filled with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for your baby.

    Our special joint offer package at friendly pricing will simplify preparations of nutritious meals for your baby combining Baby food making expertise with top quality Euro Organic certified fruits and veggies.


    Pay upfront 2,796 HKD (=699 HKD per week) to benefit from:

    • 4 x Weekly Baby Organics including FREE delivery
    • 1  Babycook® NEO
    with 5-year warranty
    • 1
    complementary Babycook® NEO Rice / Pasta Cooker 
    More than 150 recipes on BEABA&Me mobile Application

    ** Original price: 4,058 HKD (Babycook® NEO 2,199 HKD + Babycook® NEO Rice / Pasta Cooker 199 HKD + 4 x Baby Organics 1,660 HKD) 

    WHAT'sIN - Baby Organics 

    Fruits and veggies are essential for little ones to grow strong and healthy throughout their first year. Our Baby Organics contains a suitable assortment of fresh Euro Organic certified fruits and vegetables to easily prepare homemade purees or compotes. Our commitment for your baby food: 

    Healthy: no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and GMOs
    True: no additives, dyes and added sugars
    Fresh: no preservatives / rich in nutrients and minerals
    Better: suitable for homemade cooking

    BEABA - Babycook® NEO Baby Food Maker Eucalyptus 

    The Babycook® Neo Baby Food Maker makes up to 1,250 ml of food in a sleek, patented countertop appliance that steam cooks, blends and reheats/defrost all-in-one, in 15 minutes or less. Refrigerate or freeze leftovers, then simply defrost and reheat right inside the Babycook® Neo. Click to see the video demonstration.

    BEABA – Babycook® NEO Pasta / Rice Cooker

    Accessory for the Babycook® Neo to cook any grain. Easily steam cook baby's starchy foods (rice, pasta, grains) in Babycook® Baby Food Maker with this Pasta/Rice Cooker. Fast cooking with no need for special timing or supervision.  

  • Description: Baby Organics
    Size: M
    Avg. Weight: 3 KG
    # of People: 1-2
    Est. # of Fruits/Veggies: 14 - 17

    BEABA - Babycook® NEO Baby Food Maker Eucalyptus 

    Function: Soft Steam Cooking / Mix, Blend, Chop / Evenly Defrost and Reheat by Steam / Soft steam modulation cooking
    Capacity: Large stainless steel basket (4 x 150gr portions / 3 x 200gr portions)
    Material: High quality double level stainless steel blade / High quality glass bowl / Stainless steel tank with wide opening

    BEABA – Babycook® NEO Pasta / Rice Cooker 

    Function: Steam cooking basket / Ergonomic handling with built-in plastic handle / No need to supervise preparation
    Capacity: 400ml basket
    Material: Stainless steel dishwasher safe basket

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

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